When encountering the Lord of Terror, you will face a terrifying battle. Since it was the final boss in this game before the DLC was added to the game, you need to use all your power to defeat it. So what should players pay attention to when facing Diablo?

Obviously, Fire Resist and Fire Absorb can be very effective against his attack group, since he has the destructive and melee abilities of the powerful Red Lightning Hose, you may also need items with damage reduction and lightning resistance. Of course, you may also need to prepare items with the "cannot be frozen" trait when you are faced with the effects of Cold Touch.

You may need further consumables against him than against Andariel, so you'll need to prepare a rejuvenation potions. In addition, in order to be able to avoid his attacks at all times, you also need to prepare enough stamina potions, which can save your life at a critical moment. Only by running constantly can you survive longer in hiding. If you pay more attention to health, mercenary help, or potions, the trick of using town portals will work great. This is where the portals are first generated, so if you are at a disadvantage during the battle, you can escape there to get supplies. But be warned, Diablo doesn't like it there, so once you get close to it, a Bone Prison is formed. To fix this, you can only enter the side hallway and use your consumables there. That's a safe place where you can safely drink potions.

Diablo is a complex fighting demon, and while melee fighters don't have to worry about heavy hits, it's extremely difficult to dodge his spells alone at close range. Even if some good players can easily dodge his spells, always be wary of his sudden charge attacks. So, pay attention to the risks during the battle and do what you are good at.

Therefore, before facing Diablo, you need to prepare suitable Cheap D2R Ladder Items to deal with his attack, but a good item can take a lot of time for players to prepare. Because their drop probability in the game is very low, it is difficult to get them without hundreds of attempts. However, you can get them faster by purchasing them.

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