Freshen Your Style with Trendy Outfit Ideas with a Polo shirt
Polo shirts are a timeless piece that never goes out of style, but someone might think it is hard to pair with any piece in your closet. Everyone always wears it with beige, white, or denim trousers only and sometimes it looks like a golfer. Stop thinking like that because we are going to explain and share what you can do with polo shirts to freshen your style with trendy outfit ideas with polo shirts. Check it out.

Polo shirt + Chino
Get into something causal yet trendy with polo shirts with chino short pants or trousers! They are such the perfect couple! You can easily style it for the instant polish look to go for all occasions. If it is boring to wear just the basic shades for top and bottoms, try out to wear a cream-yellow polo H&M shirt with khaki-brown shorts or a dark red polo shirt and navy pants. Now all you need are accessories like a watch. As for shoes, it depends on your style, but the shoes that we recommend is loafers or derbies.

Polo shirt + Jacket
When it is time to work or something like a special occasion, a jacket is a perfect layer that suits the style of your polo shirts. Tuck your polo in your trousers like jeans or smart suit trousers and then layer up them with bomber jackets, shirt jackets, or coats. For all ensembles, you need to match the right colors such as all pacific blue with grey jackets or green tops with jeans and a leather jacket. You can wear plain and sharp sneakers, derby, or slip-on style.

Polo shirt + Sandals
Although the polo is a very neat top, it can be mixed with a simple thing like sandals to make your casual days comfortable and easy. Give yourself a try to wear black polo shirts with black shorts. Keep everything all black to wear black leather sandals and invite a black bracelet to shake this modern look. If you prefer something more friendly, do not hesitate you take a polo shirt with white denim shorts and sandals to get going anywhere.
There are more ideas to wear polo shirts. All you need just picking the right of polo shirts that fit with you and learning how to combine them. If you still do not what to wear with polo shirts or look for new bottoms to pair with them, have a look in our online shopping (more information : ) store to see some fresh ideas that you should not miss out!